Behind the mask of our everyday persona lies our true face we had before we were born. Un-weathered by time and beauty is this face behind the face. The soul, covered over by layers of hardened emotion and rigid mental structure, finally crystallizes into the human mask we all wear so proudly. The light that radiates from a newborn's tiny face is slowly stolen away by the thief of time, leaving behind a sculpted visage on which is etched all that we have thought and felt throughout our life.


But listen…
Far off in the distance, the soul is sounding the call that will lead us on the Journey to reclaim our divine nature. To be a spiritual warrior is to realize that we are in a life or death struggle for our spiritual existence.

The masks you are viewing by Dominique Blanchard are a synthesis of both African tribal art and modern abstraction.

A mystical concept alluding to the inter-connectedness of all life on earth.

Like the ancient shaman who used the mask to connect with spirit guides and walk the inner worlds, we must explore beyond the limited mask of self to experience our divine origins.

The life-purpose of the spiritual warrior is to embark fearlessly on the road to self-mastery, discovery and bringing forth into the world our God-given gifts, dreams and visions.